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About Us Escorts in Rawalpindi

The name of our agency is “About Us” and it is owned by Rawalpindi Tour Operators Limited. It was founded in 1977 by Mr. Shakeel Ahmed. Aged 36, Mr. Ahmed has a background as a photographer. He joined the Pakistan Army but was discharged as he failed to qualify for a promotion. He took up work as a driver and ended up earning a lot by driving and delivering goods.

He then decided to set up a vehicle and realized that this business did not lend itself well to being an owner. But he did not give up easily and four years later opened a transport company. We are still learning the ropes and are expanding this line of business at the moment. Our company motto is “We escort you to the lap of luxury.”

We have two vans, each of them carrying three to four tourists at a time. The tourists arrive here by road and leave by air. We provide all the services a client might need for his or her day out. From picking the guest right up till they reach their hotel, we do all the legwork for them. Our drivers are all vetted and certified drivers with a valid driving license. The first thing you will notice about us is that our drivers are very punctual and on time.

One of our packages includes all meals and drinks for the entire day. This is important as our clients do not have much money and the last thing they want is to run out of food or drinks before their trip is over. Most tourists come here for a day out. They could stay for a few hours or for a whole day. Usually, they book up several months in advance so that there is plenty of time to see some sights.

Escorts in Rawalpindi work as independently as they can. There are no specific routes for the day’s work. If clients feel that our driver is rude or negligent they can report them. We do not tolerate racial discrimination in any way and everyone has equal rights here.

Many of our customers do not feel safe picking their children up from school. That is why they contact us to take care of their errand. Our men go with them to the school and pick up the children safely. If they do not want to go, we do not charge extra. It is up to the client to decide whether they want to hire one of our drivers to drive them around or if they would prefer to pay for our services to collect their children.

As for the rates, they are quite low considering the amount of work required. Generally, one hour is enough for a day’s work. Sometimes clients do not mind dropping by later in the day to pick up the children or just a few things from their house. In this case, the rate is higher. However, it is worth it considering the convenience the service offers.

When considering an agency, one should always choose the best one that fits the needs. Some of the best ones provide a list of references. This helps the client to have an idea of what others think of their services. It also allows one to compare them on the basis of price and quality. Escorts in Rawalpindi work on a freelance basis. There is no fixed rate.

As a client, you will be assigned an agent who will accompany your child during the entire day. You can talk to her/him on the phone and they will respond to you. They will pick your child up from school and take them to the appropriate place for dinner. Once you drop them off, the escorts will get in touch with you to inform you that your child is safe. If you wish, they can also stay with your child throughout the day.

You will also be given details of the time of pickup and drop off. These times are specified in advance. You can call or email them and they will get back to you. When picking up your children, the escorts will behave appropriately. For example, they won’t go in circles or make sudden stops to let you see your children.

We often have to drop off our clients at a restaurant or at our residence. The food served there is very good. There is a great atmosphere. We always make sure that our customers are treated courteously and safely. The people in the hotel are very friendly and helpful.